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Industrial Air Compressors

Sullair compressors do what they’re supposed to do, and they do it extremely well for a very long time. With our expertise in analysing, managing and controlling compressed air, Sullair offers total compressed air solutions to help you reduce energy costs and improve productivity.

Our range of industrial air compressors covers from 4kW to 240kW at 7 to 34.5 Bar. From your off the shelf work horse to your customised application compressor, Sullair can respond to all requirements.

All our compressors are manufactured with Reliability, Durability and Performance in mind – our brand promise.

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Industrial Success Stories

Customers share their stories of how Sullair industrial compressor solutions contribute to their success.

Serbia Tyre manufacturer

In the first half of 2020, our authorised distributor BOMIX supported a major tire manufacturer in Serbia with a compressor solution which would meet increased factory capacity and achieve energy optimisation.

Together with Sullair, BOMIX performed the commissioning of a complete new compressor room and installation of Sullair TS32S-450 Compressors and DHL2500 Dryers.

Air Package installed at UK paper and pulp packaging and processing plant

Sullair together with UK distributor The ACE Group successfully delivered a new air package solution to a major UK paper and pulp packaging and processing plant.

In collaboration Sullair and The ACE Group conducted in-depth site surveys and air audits and on recommendation replaced the existing equipment (four compressors, a desiccant drier and wet tank) and the site’s pipework with the installation of one Sullair LS110s Air Compressor with Electronic Spiral Valve, one ShopTek® 110 air compressor as a back-up, and two RFE Driers.

The new air package is now driving greater air quality, efficiency and reliability on-site whilst resulting in an attractive return on investment and annual savings for the plant of over £21,000.


Learn what’s behind the reliability and durability of Sullair industrial compressor solutions.

Featured Industrial Compressors

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Sullair ShopTek CE ST30VSD rotary screw air compressor

ShopTek™ ST18-ST37 CE Industrial Compressors

92 – 222 cfm
2.6 – 6.3 m³/min
25 – 50 hp
18 – 37 kW
116 – 145 psi
8 – 10 bar

LS Series EMEA Industrial Compressors

167 - 1017 cfm
4.7 - 28.8 m³/min
120 - 200 hp
90 - 160 kW
100 - 181 psi
7 - 12.5 bar

Single-Stage Industrial Rotary Screw Compressors

795 – 1615 cfm
22.5 - 45.7 m³/min
200 – 350 hp
160 – 261 kW
100 – 150 psi
7 - 10 bar
Sullair TS32 rotary screw air compressor

Two-Stage Industrial Rotary Screw Compressors

434 – 3000 cfm
12.3 – 82.1 m³/min
100 – 600 hp
75 – 447 kW
100 – 175 psi
6.8 – 12 bar
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